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Not much to see here just a guy who absolutely loves to create and be a part of the creative process.

I have spent the past 17 years in the visual effects industry working on feature films, television and commercials, 


Originally from New York, I started out creating graphics and motion designs for tv commercials, intro titles and print advertisements. My passion for the craft and also for film then lead me to San Francisco California where I was mentored by some of the greats while studying at the Academy of Art University.


Spending many years on the box working on commercials, television, feature films and video games, my skills in the CG department became exemplary. True to my nature of not settling for mediocre, in the last 9 years I  have also increased his knowledge and skill set on the compositing & supervising side of production.


As a supervisor, I still spend a decent portion of my time on the box. I use those essential skills for pre-planning, pitching and communicating the execution of shots (technical previz, blocking in camera fx, etc.). With these skills and an eagle eye you are guaranteed a enjoyable collaboration and flawless final product. I have had the pleasure to work in New York, San Francisco, L.A, Tokyo, Sendai Japan, Paris, Bretagne, London, Stuttgart Germany and now Canada.


During my down time I am  either swimming, sculpting, playing with new gadgets, taking photos or learning new skills to add to my repertoire which at the moment is now matte painting.

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